Technology Lead

Get a Virtual Chief Information Officer

Let us be your CIO (Chief Information Officer). We work with you to dive deep and strengthen your business with air-tight procedures and strategic planning.

We’ll meet with you quarterly to:

  • Understand what technology serves your business goals

  • Make new technology recommendations

  • Assist with asset lifecycle management

  • Discuss internal technology processes and procedures

Infrastructure managemenT

Ensure your hardware health

We architect tailored systems to keep you running efficiently. From cloud data, to local servers, to VPNs that connect remote workers and offices.

We keep constant watch over disk space, memory & cpu utilization, network latency & bandwidth, OS and application patches, and warranty status, among other things.


Trust your Cybersecurity

“Safety First” is more than an adage. We educate and empower people towards proactive and secure solutions that protect information and ward off potential threats.

Complete Cybersecurity Solution Stack

Firewalls, SD-WAN, IPS, Advanced Threat Detection, Anti-Virus, EDR, Secure Remote Access, Ransomware Prevention, Spam Filtering and Email Protection, etc.

Security Awareness Team Training

Simulated phishing campaigns, password usage, best practices

Compliance Auditing and Reporting


Backup & Recovery

Recover your data in minutes

Reduced time to recovery

“Point in time” restorations done within minutes, so you’re back up and working quickly.

Disaster Recovery

Dual Offsite replication with the ability to run your business from the cloud in the event of a natural disaster, verified daily.

Cloud/Saas Backup

Share Responsibility in the cloud means your provider guarantees access to your data, but not the data itself, but we’ve got you covered

User Support

Let us take care of user helpdesk support

We take care of issues like “my printer isn't working” or “I can’t connect to my VPN.” We assist with anything as it relates to your computers and applications. We are here to help your people.

Voice over IP Solutions

Access your phone system from anywhere

Don’t be tied to your desk

You can take or make work calls from the office, home, or next to the pool, all without giving out your personal number.

Get a digital receptionist

Get calls to the right person or provide callers with information - easily - with a digital receptionist.

Scale with your growth

Add lines as you hire so you never have more, or less, than what you need.

Pay per device or person

Pick the pricing plan that worst best for your business

PAY PER Person

People+ is priced “per user.”

We have different tiers of users, which can cover up to 5 devices per person. People+ may be the best plan when every employee of a company is using a computer to perform the primary function of their job.

PAY PER Device

Technology+ is priced “per device.”

This plan makes more sense for clients who have computers that are used by multiple people, or where there are more computer users than there are computers.

Included with all plans

security+ is Included with all plans

“Safety First” is more than an adage. We educate and empower people towards proactive and secure solutions that protect information and ward off potential threats.

Frequently Asked Questions

And if she hasn’t been rewritten, then they are still using her. Far far away, behind the word mountains.

  • Do you have after hours support?

    Of course! We have on-call technicians ready to handle your emergencies outside of normal business hours.

  • How do I know my network is secure?

    Network security is an arms race. The bad guys evolve and get better. If you have no one at the helm of your IT infrastructure, you are an easy target.

    If you have internal IT, how can you be sure they are keeping up with the latest cybersecurity news and tools to protect your business? Our team is constantly monitoring and updating our client's network, as well as learning about and researching new cybersecurity threats.

    Nocwing can manage your network for you, or co-manage with your internal IT, bringing our experience, knowledge, and tools, to fill the gaps.

  • How much does it cost?

    At the heart of every business is people. With our People+ plan, we get to know your staff and bill per person. Some people have greater needs than other and some need assistance immediately. We account for all types of people with in your company.

    For some companies, it makes more since to bill per device. We call this Technology+.

    Give us a call to discuss your specific business needs. It costs you nothing to learn about our services.

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