Cybersecurity has always been an arms race. The good guys have always responded to the evolution of the bad guys. This year we have seen Ransomware as a Service take a front seat in the war for your data. Gone are the days of the lone wolf hacker. We now face a growing enterprise of ransomware developers selling their exploits to less knowledgeable yet more aggressive actors, this allows the suppliers of malicious software to make money without taking risk themselves.

From Sophos Annual 22 Threat Report:

The most significant change Sophos has observed is a shift from bad actors who make their own bespoke ransomware and carry out their own attacks to a model in which one group builds the ransomware and then leases it out to breaking-and-entering, hands-on-keyboard experts. This has changed the threat landscape in many ways.

Give the 2022 Threat Report a read. If you are concerned that you aren’t prepared, give us a call to talk about how Nocwing’s security tools can help protect your organization.