People+ by Nocwing is an all-inclusive solution for 24/7 Cyber Security, Email Management with Spam & Phishing Protection, Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery Planning, and helpful helpdesk to keep your staff productive. We know you are tired of the never-ending sales cycle of your current IT provider. Let Nocwing tell you about our common-sense monthly pricing and affordable hardware purchasing programs to get you out of the hustle and into some peace of mind.  

We hear from business owners every day. It’s common to worry about security, to wonder how you would recover from a breach, but it’s also hard to fully understand the costs and know that you aren’t being taken advantage of with all the tech jargon. Nocwing tries to make a complex world simple by starting with a conversation about common sense strategies to take you to the next step with your technology. Often this starts with assessing your IT infrastructure, looking for holes in your security and offering cost-effective solutions that consider your specific needs. The IT industry is good at one thing, Sales. We know you see the monthly costs piling up, then a salesperson starts asking you to update equipment that is still working. Who can you trust? At Nocwing, we asked ourselves how we can break out of this cycle. The answer is to manage your people instead of your computers. When we look at your business through the lens of your users, we can find options that reduce hardware costs and eliminate monthly subscriptions that do not help your staff do their jobs.  

We designed People+ with Unlimited Helpdesk to keep you from paying hourly for IT support. Whether we spend 3 hours or 3 days solving an issue, you pay one monthly fee per user. This monthly fee also includes 24/7 security support with a 20-minute response target and a 60-minute resolution target to keep your business protected around the clock.

Nocwing also provides email Spam and Phishing protection and Cloud-to-Cloud backup of Microsoft 365 or Google Workplace included in our common-sense monthly price.

Contact us today to learn how People+ can begin protecting and serving your business.