We see it so often - Business owners want a more connected remote team. You want your clients to have a seamless experience when transferring calls between your office and remote staff and you want calls on all your devices. How do you get rid of that old phone system hanging on your wall without spending a fortune? Nocwing’s answer is VoIP, or “Voice Over IP”. This phone system sits in the cloud and is managed by the same Nocwing crew you’re familiar with. Want to change a call flow? Want to add a new extension? Just enter a ticket and watch it happen with the same SLA’s and customer service you know and love.

“The choice between the best VoIP services or a PBX phone system can make a significant difference in the quality of your phone calls, the cost of your phone service, and your business’s ability to scale in the future.”

Take a second to read TechRadar's article on the differences between old analog/digital phones and the future of VoIP.