The “Green Wing” icon is a trusted addition to thousands of computers managed by the Nocwing team. This icon has been your #1 source to help you get back to work for years and now, we want to make it even better! Take a look at the new and improved agent!

Here’s whats changing:

Screen Recording! We know it can be a real pain to describe an issue sometimes. Now, you can record your screen right from the agent and attache it directly to the email you will submit to the help-desk team.  

Chat with techs while they assist
Get a notification when a tech connects

“Control” will now be “Take Control”. This is how our team remotely controls your computer. This is just a cosmetic change, but we thought we’d let you know that things would look a bit different.

No Agent ID!

No more agent IDs to remember. In the past, we asked you for a 4-digit number called an “Agent ID” to identify your computer. We will now look for the Computer Name which is easy to find in the new agent dialogue box. Just click the wing!

Please let us know if you have any questions about our new agent. We are always happy to walk you and your team through how best to work with Nocwing.