Niki Garland

Project Manager

Niki is our project manager extraordinaire and has been with us for a total of 5 years. She originally began her career as an EMT in 2007. After some time passed working odd hours and starting a family she decided in 2015 it was time to start a new journey. She stumbled upon a dispatch position here at Nocwing which then led to her becoming our project manager. Niki is extremely motivated when building out projects that will best fit the clients needs. She will stop at nothing to make sure they achieve success and are happy with how they are being serviced. Niki is always 10 steps ahead when planning and keeps everyone on their toes in case there are any roadblocks. On the other hand, when the weekend hits she's a little more relaxed. You may run into her at Southern Pit on Saturday's for lunch, spending time outdoors with her husband and daughter or crafting in the barn.

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